Economic and Rural Development--Case Studies


road and railroad crossing in small town: Copyright iStock Photos Small Town Big Ideas: Case Studies in Small Town Economic Development (PDF | 3.77 MB)

Community & Economic Development Program. School of Government, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

December 2008.  "Case studies documenting innovative practices in small town development."

Vibrant Rural Communities Case Studies Series

National Association of Development Organizations.

"The NADO Research Foundation’s Vibrant Rural Communities case studies series highlights how rural regions and small towns across the country are growing local and regional economies and creating stronger communities."

The Rise of the Greek Yogurt Industry in Central New York

National Association of Development Organizations.

"Proximity to markets and supply has made central New York a key location in Greek yogurt production. With 1,400 new jobs created by two yogurt makers alone, Chobani and FAGE USA have changed the economic landscape for the region and provided a new outlet for hundreds of dairy farms in the state and nearby areas."  David Cole. September 2012.

Wind Energy for Rural Economic Development (PDF | 1.1 MB)

United States Department of Energy.


U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Success Stories

USDA. Rural Development.

Listing of success stories.