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Improved Web Site from the Rural Information Center (RIC) makes finding rural information easier.

Beltsville, MD, August 15, 2006 - The Rural Information Center (RIC) at the USDA's National Agricultural Library (NAL) has launched a redesigned Web site that provides easier access to rural topics and information.

Complete with enhancements such as pictures and a new navigation strategy, RIC changes will provide end users with an easier way to find information on rural topics. RIC's, "Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas" database also has a facelift and the search features are faster. Along with the database, searching the entire RIC site has been enhanced by adding more efficient web searching tools. All of this is to help our end users find the resources they need to improve or maintain Rural America's quality of life.

The Rural Information Center is one of eight Information Centers at the National Agricultural Library. The redesign of this Web site implements USDA Web standards and meets U.S. Office of Management and Budget guidelines for focusing on customer needs. For more information, visit the new RIC Web site at