Know More About Living in Rural America


Apples in Basket; Copyright iStock Photos Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass

United States Department of Agriculture.

An interactive tool set that helps people, "learn about how USDA supports local and regional food economies; see examples of producers, businesses and communities putting these resources to work; and explore the map to find out what's happening near you."

A father with his son and two pigs Web App - Stories from Main Street

Smithsonian Institution.

Get the App that is a collection of "stories about small-town American life."  Listen to what life is like in rural America through this App.

Senior citizens sitting in their front porch Why Americans Value Rural Life (PDF | 24 KB)

USDA. Economic Research Service.

"It has been the place where people live genuine lives, where both individualism and community thrive, and where physical and mental health are restored."

View of a rural main street Demographic Trends in Rural and Small Town America (PDF | 2.23MB)

Carsey Institute. University of New Hampshire.

"This report summarizes population redistribution trends in the rural and small town communities that are an important part of the social, economic and political fabric of the country."

older woman fishing on a boat Baby Boom Migration and Its Impact on Rural America

USDA. Economic Research Service.

"Members of the baby boom cohort, now 45-63 years old, are approaching a period in their lives when moves to rural and small-town destinations increase. An analysis of age-specific, net migration during the 1990s reveals extensive shifts in migration patterns as Americans move through different life-cycle stages."