About RIC

The Rural Information Center (RIC) assists local communities by providing information and referral services to local, tribal, state, and federal government officials; community organizations; libraries; businesses; and citizens working to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas.

The RIC Web site contains links to current and reliable information on a wide variety of rural resources and funding sources, including RIC's Database: Federal Funding Sources for Rural Areas Database.

RIC Information and Referral Services

RIC staff provide customized information products to specific inquiries including assistance in economic revitalization issues; local government planning projects; funding sources; technical assistance programs; research studies; and other related issues.

RIC staff process a broad array of general and funding information requests on such topics as:

  • Successful strategies, models, and case studies of community development projects
  • Small business attraction, retention, and expansion
  • Housing programs and services
  • Tourism promotion and development
  • Recycling programs
  • Community water quality
  • Technology transfer to rural areas

RIC staff also refer users to organizations or experts in the field who can provide additional information.